ALL YOUR SECRETS is Jane Holland’s third psychological thriller, published Summer 2017, and available now on Amazon.

LARGER MASTER NO TEXT MISSING all your secrets cover



When her glamorous cousin Emily drowns, Caitlin flies to the South of France for her funeral, full of bitter-sweet nostalgia for the summer they spent there as wild teenagers. Her aunt Tamsin, once a film star, now suffering from dementia, invites Caitlin to stay at her chateau high above the beach at Cap d’Antibes.

Suddenly the gorgeous, charming Robin is back in touch, son of a Hollywood film producer. Tamsin warns her to stay away from him, but Caitlin can’t resist her teenage crush.

But something doesn’t feel right. What was Robin’s relationship with her beautiful cousin? And what is her aunt trying so desperately to conceal? The chateau on the Cap may be beautiful, but it hides dark secrets.

Was Emily’s death an accident? Or could it have been murder?

An atmospheric psychological thriller that simmers with tension and will keep you guessing, from the bestselling author of GIRL NUMBER ONE and LOCK THE DOOR.


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