Dark Star

My three Stella Penhaligon thrillers are collected in one great-value ebook called DARK STAR.

“Fast paced and packed with action, kept me reading well into the night! It grips and doesn’t let go, with a well thought-out plot and really strong characters who leap to life on the page.” – Amazon reviewer of UNDER AN EVIL STAR

This boxset comprises the first THREE crime novella mysteries from the fascinating Stella Penhaligon series, all available to buy individually.

Stella Penhaligon, a Cornish astrologer, teams up with DS Jack Church to solve three dark and perplexing cases.


“Addictive, horrifying and brilliant!” – 5 stars, Rachel Gilbey from Rachel’s Random Reads, on THE HIVE, also by Jane Holland


When a man’s severed head is found, Detective Sergeant Jack Church struggles to identify the victim. Until a vicar’s estranged daughter reports her father missing.

Stella Penhaligon hadn’t spoken to her father in years. But she’s at a loss to understand why anyone would have murdered him – and in such an horrific way. Determined to bring his killer to justice, she knows that finding her father’s remains could hold the key. An expert in the ancient art of horary astrology, traditionally used to answer queries and locate missing items, Stella employs her skills with uncanny results.

Only DS Church doesn’t believe in astrology, and suspicion soon falls on Stella instead. It seems she’ll need to identify and locate the killer too, if she wants justice for her father. But the deeper she digs, the more of the reverend’s dark secrets she uncovers.

Did Stella really know her father at all?

Following a spate of gruesome local murders, police are no nearer to finding either a motive or the killer.

DS Jack Church approaches astrologer Stella Penhaligon for help with the linked murders, despite misgivings. But Stella has just started teaching an evening class and is reluctant to get involved this time. Until, deep in research mode, she spots an obscure piece of astrological lore about the tenth ‘house’ of a horary chart, and knows it may provide a clue.

Should she use it to deduce the identity of the mysterious killer, or leave well alone? For not only is this killer highly dangerous, but Stella is beginning to doubt her gift …

Anthony Archer, one of Stella Penhaligon’s most volatile clients, is convinced that someone is trying to kill him. But when astrologer Stella applies the controversial ‘Part of Death’ to his birth chart, she realises he may not be imagining things. Is her client about to be murdered?

When Anthony disappears, Stella goes to the police for help. But with DS Jack Church, her usual contact, away on holiday, she finds herself rebuffed. Worse, it seems another of her clients has been found dead. Suddenly she herself is under suspicion.

Stella is faced with a dilemma. Should she use her skill with horary to locate and save her client, perhaps risking her own life in the process, or abandon Anthony to his fate?

Jane Holland’s bestselling thrillers have sold more than 220,000 paid downloads across several continents!

PRAISE for Jane Holland’s previous thrillers:

‘This began as psychological suspense, moved through thriller territory and, with a left-field twist, culminated in grand guignol. For fans of spine-chillers, THE HIVE is a five star must read.’

‘I really cannot get enough of this fabulous author … highly recommend any of her thrillers.’

Gripping story, keeps you on the edge of your seat.’

‘I couldn’t put out the light until I’d finished reading this.’

Brilliant ending!’

‘A thriller with a capital T and perfect for anyone that likes horror.’

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